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I often joke when speaking at events that coming from a Nigerian background, I was left with only four career choices: Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or Banker.

During my journey to becoming a Lawyer I encountered a number of barriers from: not knowing what I was good at, lack of work experience opportunities, lack of connections in the sector and seeing Lawyers who were all largely white male and from a completely different social economic background to myself.

After studying Law at University I realised it wasn’t the right career option for me and as a result I took some time to volunteer in India and Kenya, in both countries I met countless children with dreams to be pilots, teachers, doctors etc but there were countless barriers: poverty, lack of education and lack of opportunities which meant those career dreams were virtually impossible.

As I began to build my career as a Career and Recruitment Consultant I  worked with a range of organisations where there was no one that looked like me a black female in senior management, be that on the board, executive team or head of department.

A combination of the experiences above led me to create Build Potential, with the aim to help 18-35 year olds overcome barriers to fulfilling their potential and discover jobs and opportunities from employers who recognise the strength of diversity.  


Diversity is about recognising people’s differences and harnessing those differences to create inclusive environments’ and as a result this hub aims to provide:

Expert career advice on how to get in and progress in your career

A platform to discover jobs and opportunities at entry and senior management level from employers who are committed to recruiting a diverse workforce delivered exclusively through our monthly email and social media channels 

Comprehensive CV reviews covering everything from structure, language, job match, risk of unconscious bias and more 

Articles on diversity and inclusion  in the workplace


Look forward to journeying with you

Abigail Brown

10 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Thank you so much Abigal for creating this space and starting this blog space! It’s always great to read something that you can totally relate to and also hear stories that are from a person’s personal experience! Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing xxx

  2. Abigail this is so amazing and I’m grateful that you have created a platform which will support and propel people to fulfil and accomplish their purpose. X

  3. This is fantastic well done you. I am excited to see Build Potential grow and am looking forward to reading more of your work.

  4. What an amazing forum and one which I am sure will become an indispensable resource for all those who seek to better recognise and harness potential. Outstanding job Abigail, well done!!!

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