How to successfully negotiate a salary increase

I’ve successfully negotiated a salary rise on three different occasions, one for an internal promotion and two were for new jobs. Each occasion had different circumstances and some were harder than others with one requiring greater thought and two different attempts before I got the salary rise.  

So how did i do it? here are my top tips for success:

Know your worth– research the job market to know what other similar jobs pay, this helps especially when going for an internal promotion. Think about what salary you need to meet your lifestyle, knowing your worth helps you to come across as assertive and confident so that employers will take your salary negotiation seriously. 
Make a note of any other jobs you have interviews for– if other employers are interested in you, whether or not they have made offers to you, you can use their salary and conditions as leverage for the job you want.

Be prepared – the phone call offering you the job or a promotion opportunity may come at any time. Practice what you’re going to say in advance so you feel more confident saying it when the opportunity comes. 

Do your research – especially if it’s an internal job as there may be a policy on salary rises so know what the triggers are and the timescales to make it happen. When you prepare for the salary negotiation think about a couple of scenarios as sometimes the first ask doesn’t work.

Know when to stop– think about whether you would take the job anyway without the salary increase. Then if you don’t get the salary rise (you want) you’ll know if you’d be happy anyway. There is a slight chance the employer could withdraw the offer if you push too high as there may be another candidate willing to take the job at a lower salary.

Timing is key– you need to know when to ask. If you’ve just been offered a job internally or externally now is the time to make the ask. Don’t wait until you are in the job to ask for an increase in salary or for more benefits as this may make employers think you no longer want the job.

Don’t give up – if you don’t get the salary rise you want from your current employer then ask what you need to do to get that promotion. If your employer won’t budge then consider your other options.

Written by Jodie

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