7 signs it’s time to leave your job

If you don’t pursue your dreams you will always work for someone who is pursuing theirs 

I was working at a company I loved for nearly 5 years, I knew it was time to leave for a while, but I was reluctant. Why? I was comfortable… I was used to my manager, team, the role, the way of working and the benefits.  

I knew I had outgrown the role but I had all this fear of leaving… will I like my new manager, team, working in a new area, will the job match my expectations, will I enjoy the role etc.  

I took the step and left, eight months on I can say it is one of the best career decisions I made.

So how do you know if it is time to leaveHere are some clear signals:  


You know its time– There is a niggling voice in your head saying it’s time to leave, you try to ignore it but it’s there maybe even colleagues are dropping hints too!   

You‘re not using your skills/strengths to the best of your ability- The environment is no longer conducive for you to grow. Albert Einstein once said ‘Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its inability to climb tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid’ If you’re not playing to your strengths it undoubtedly impacts on your self esteem and you’re perceived value to the team.   

Youre bored– Arrive, work, lunch, work, leave, repeat. Your day feels monotonous, you’re bored and it shows.  You’ve outgrown the role, you’ve lost inspiration and as a result you struggle to contribute anything meaningful. Your day feels like it drags and you can’t wait till the clock hits 5.  

Mismatch between you and employer– ‘People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers’ is a phrase that comes up often in recruitment.  Perhaps you and your employer are on different pages when it comes to your values and/or the vision of the team.  

Progression– You feel like you have hit a glass ceiling, for various reasons despite your best efforts you feel you just can’t progress. You feel stuck, but you know you have so much more to give.  

You’re comfortable– You enjoy your role, its steady and its safe, but you feel like you’re just coasting through, you’re comfortable, which for some people is fine, but deep inside you, you’re craving  a new challenge.    

You’re an entrepreneur– As much as you love the safety of a regular 9-5, deep down inside you know you have the ability and desire to be your own boss, maybe to do what you’re currently doing, but do it better and for yourself, or perhaps to do something different, maybe you work in finance but your real passion is baking.  Whatever your side hustle has been, maybe it is time it became your main hustle.  

The good news is you’re not stuck, you have options and I dare you to follow your passion wherever it leads you! 

Recently left your job? Would love to hear what signals helped you decide to leave. Want to leave your job, but haven’t? Would love to hear what’s stopping you.

Written by Abigail Brown

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  1. I can relate to that feeling too, I have had similar problems at my previous work place, when I was starting my career as a chef I also felt the nudge to leave but I couldn’t. I felt trapped at work, I wanted to leave and as you quoted “There is a niggling voice in your head saying it’s time to leave” that was exactly me lol. Anyway I think the blog is really good for any one that is not happy at their work and looking for a change. This website is amazing.

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